Bremen, Germany

The perfect 2 days itinerary

Bremen, a historic city in northern Germany, is known for its role in maritime trade, reflected in its old town with the Renaissance-style buildings of the 11th-century Bremen Town Hall and the statue of Roland, a symbol of the city's freedom. The city is also famous for the Brothers Grimm fairy tale of the Town Musicians of Bremen. With its charming medieval architecture, vibrant cultural scene, and beautiful parks and gardens, Bremen offers a unique blend of historical and modern attractions.

What to do in Bremen?

This 2 days itinerary is the perfect guide to the best things to see in Bremen. It includes day-by-day activities, travel tips, and the top places to visit.

Day 1: Historical Highlights of Bremen


Start your day at the Bremen Town Hall, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to admire its Renaissance architecture. Next, visit the Roland Statue, a symbol of the city's freedom, located in the market square.


Explore the Schnoor Quarter, Bremen's oldest district, with its narrow streets and medieval buildings. Enjoy lunch at one of the traditional German restaurants. Visit the Böttcherstraße, a street known for its unique expressionist architecture.


End your day with a stroll along the Schlachte Promenade on the Weser River, where you can enjoy dinner at a riverside restaurant.

Day 2: Art and Culture in Bremen


Visit the Kunsthalle Bremen, home to a significant collection of European paintings. Then, explore the Universum Bremen, an interactive science museum that's great for families.


Head to the Übersee-Museum, which showcases exhibits on natural history, ethnography, and trade. Later, enjoy some leisure time in the Bürgerpark, one of Germany's largest city parks.


Experience Bremen's vibrant nightlife in the Viertel district, known for its bars, cafes, and live music venues.

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