Bangui, Central African Republic
The perfect 1 day itinerary

Bangui, the capital and largest city of the Central African Republic, is situated on the banks of the Ubangi River. Despite its tumultuous history and ongoing challenges, Bangui offers a unique glimpse into the heart of Africa with its vibrant markets, colonial architecture, and the warm hospitality of its people. The city serves as a gateway to the country's rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, including the nearby Bangui M'Poko International Airport, which connects travelers to this largely unexplored part of the continent.

What to do in Bangui?

This 1 day itinerary is the perfect guide to the best things to see in Bangui. It includes day-by-day activities, travel tips, and the top places to visit.

Day 1: Exploring the Heart of Bangui


Start your day with a visit to the Boganda Museum, dedicated to Barthélemy Boganda, the nation's founder. The museum offers insights into the country's history and cultural heritage. Next, take a leisurely walk to the Bangui Cathedral, a symbol of resilience and peace in the city.


Head to the bustling Bangui Market, where you can experience the local way of life. Browse through a variety of goods, from fresh produce to traditional crafts. Enjoy a traditional Central African lunch at a nearby restaurant.


Stroll along the banks of the Ubangi River, enjoying the serene views and watching the sunset. End your day with a relaxing dinner at a riverside restaurant, sampling local delicacies.

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