The perfect 1 day itinerary

Azerbaijan, a country at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, is known for its unique blend of cultures, ancient historical sites, and stunning natural landscapes. From the modern skyscrapers of its capital, Baku, to the ancient petroglyphs of Gobustan, Azerbaijan offers a fascinating mix of old and new. The country is also renowned for its hospitality, delicious cuisine, and the Caspian Sea's scenic shores.

What to do in Azerbaijan?

This 1 day itinerary is the perfect guide to the best things to see in Azerbaijan. It includes day-by-day activities, travel tips, and the top places to visit.

Day 1: Discovering the Essence of Azerbaijan


Start your day in Baku, the vibrant capital city. Visit the iconic Flame Towers to witness the blend of ancient and modern architectural styles. Head down to the Baku Boulevard, a promenade along the Caspian Sea, for a leisurely morning walk.


Travel to Gobustan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to see the ancient petroglyphs that date back thousands of years. Explore the mud volcanoes that dot the landscape, offering a unique natural phenomenon.


Return to Baku and explore the Old City (Icherisheher), a historical core with walls dating back to the 12th century. Visit the Palace of the Shirvanshahs and the iconic Maiden Tower. End your day with a traditional Azerbaijani dinner at a local restaurant, trying dishes like plov and kebabs.

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