Antwerp and Brussels, Belgium
The perfect 1 day itinerary

Antwerp and Brussels are two of Belgium's most vibrant cities, each with its own unique charm and attractions. Antwerp, known for its diamond district and stunning architecture, is a hub of fashion and art. Brussels, the capital city, is famous for its historical and architectural landmarks such as the Grand Place and the Atomium, as well as its role as the administrative center of the European Union.

What to do in Antwerp and Brussels?

This 1 day itinerary is the perfect guide to the best things to see in Antwerp and Brussels. It includes day-by-day activities, travel tips, and the top places to visit.

Day 1: Morning in Antwerp, Afternoon and Evening in Brussels

Morning in Antwerp

Start your day at the Cathedral of Our Lady, which houses several of Peter Paul Rubens' masterpieces. Next, explore the Grote Markt, surrounded by the Renaissance city hall and numerous guild houses. Don't miss the chance to visit the Antwerp Diamond District, where you can witness the bustling trade of one of the world's largest diamond hubs.

Travel to Brussels

Around noon, take a train from Antwerp Central Station to Brussels, a journey that takes about an hour.

Afternoon in Brussels

Begin your exploration in Brussels at the iconic Grand Place, a stunning square surrounded by ornate buildings. Visit the Manneken Pis, a famous bronze statue that has become a symbol of the city's irreverent spirit. Explore the Royal Palace of Brussels and its beautiful park.


Conclude your day with a visit to the Atomium, an architectural marvel from the 1958 World's Fair. Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant, sampling Belgian specialties like moules-frites and Belgian waffles.

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